​牆飾的藝術Wall-to-Wall Style

牆飾的定義很廣泛,就連鐘、層架、掛畫亦屬於裝飾一部分。但牆身主角,仍是以油漆、牆紙為普遍,尤其 是牆紙,圖案之豐富令人目不暇給,增添不少藝術品味。A highly successful design strategy, painting your walls a pure shade of white affords you the opportunity to transform your home into a gallery, creating a space where you can showcase your favourite works of art to all who visit. However, a much more interesting approach involves using the latest wallpapers and panels as a design feature in itself, incorporating an almost limitless range of colours, landscapes and textures into your home. Today’s Living shows you how.


Patrick Frey 以美國東岸生活為靈感,創作了 Veranda 系列,展現對園林的熱愛,這 系列以明亮的色調為主,打造精緻優雅的家居氛圍。(Altfield Interiors) || Seduced by the culture on the other side of the Atlantic, designer Patrick Frey fell in love with the United States during his formative years at a major furniture fabrics company in New York. His recent collaboration with Caspari portrays him as a true ambassador of the East Coast, resulting in the Veranda collection, which shows his taste for celebration, a love of gardens and a subtle classicism recoloured in bright tones for a sophisticated and elegant decoration. (Altfield Interiors)


Jim Thompson 今季的 Alchemy 牆紙系列靈感來自貴金屬,牆紙富有精巧的手工製作技術, 具有拋光金屬效果,其多層絲網富光澤的飾面, 為家居打造優雅的質感。(Altfield Interiors) || Alchemy describes the magical and mysterious powers of transforming something commonplace into something extraordinary. This season’s collection of wallcovering from iconic brand Jim Thompson was inspired by precious metals. As such, wallcoverings in the Alchemy collection are focused on hand crafted techniques and feature burnished metallic effects combined with contemporary designs. Gloss finishes and layers of silk gauze create elegantly textured finishes for walls and ceilings. (Altfield Interiors)


Altfield Collection 的 Grasscloth 系列為空間帶來自然、富質感的感覺,適合經典和現代風格的家居,散發獨有的奢華氣派。產品備有多種中性和寶石色調可供選擇。(Altfield Interiors) || As a staple for any designer, Altfield’s Grasscloth collection brings a sense of nature, depth and texture to any room. The beautiful panelling effect suits both classic and contemporary spaces, adding luxury and grounding which no other product on the market can replicate. This product is available in an extensive palette of neutral colourways, as well as jewel tones. (Altfield Interiors)


Intaglio 的表面是實心金屬箔,這是 Innovations 品牌的首創。Intaglio 的靈感來自一種被壓碎並再被翻開的紡織品,線性圖案會刷上額外的金屬箔以達致柔和的效果。藍色(鋼)和綠色(古銅色)帶來非凡的視覺效果。(Altfield Interiors) || With Innovation’s Intaglio’s collection, delicate sheets of metal leaf have been applied to a paper backing, then hand screen printed with colour and a geometric pattern. Originally inspired by a textile that has been crushed and reopened, Intaglio resembles an etching that has been magnified to a usable mid-scale. The linear pattern, once printed, is brushed with additional metal leaf for a soft effect. Unexpected colours such as steel and patina give life to the highly reflective surface, making this a truly innovative wallcovering. (Altfield Interiors)


來自比利時的的 Plains& Murals 系列是向比利時歷史悠久紡織 業致敬的作品,有如夢幻般的風景壁畫、霧雲圖案以及精細紋 理的單色牆紙,為空間增添復古而獨特的感覺。(Dandy Interior Products Limited) || A luxurious collection of wallcoverings that originated in Belgium, Plains & Murals features a wide range of imagery, from bold industrial vibes to abstract landscapes and stunning colourful vistas. Almost resembling a fabric covering in style, this contemporary collection gives any interior space a sense of comfort and luxury. (Dandy Interior Products Ltd.)


來自日本的磁性黑板牆紙讓您拿起粉筆就可以在牆壁上發揮無限創意,跟普通黑板一樣,使用後只需擦掉粉筆字,再用濕布清潔即可。 便條、相片、磁石貼都能固定在牆上,方便創造個人特色牆。(Dandy Interior Products Limited) || Always a winner in any family home, this Magnetic Blackboard Wallpaper is a fabulous addition to any home with little ones. Simple to install even on curved surfaces and easy to clean, this covering allows you get creative in your home, leaving reminders to the family and sharing menus on the wall. It can even be used to create a home theatre where you can project your favourite movies. (Dandy Interior Products Ltd.)


來自荷蘭 TAPETEX 最新牆紙系列,以輕省的亞麻布為原材料,設計出牆紙 TAPETEX 68,此系列包含許多自然元素,又富個 性化,非常適合酒店、寫字樓、住宅等使用。(Dandy Interior Products Limited) || Available in a range of understated muted tones including white, beige, grey, and teal, the Tapetex 68 collection is made from a sumptuous linen and originates from Holland. During the manufacturing process, FSC-certified wood pulp is reinforced with polyester to create the backing of the material, while a mixture of different techniques – both industrial and artisanal – are combined to deliver the finished product. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, this wall covering also boasts laser cutting, crushing, and velvet top techniques. (Dandy Interior Products Ltd.)


來自 Marburg 的 Bombay 系列帶有植物圖案、優雅條紋和素色牆紙。顏色有時淺,有時深,有時搶眼, 有時含蓄。您可以將夢想設計轉移到牆壁上! (Kinland Decor Limited) || Bold and colourful, the Bombay collection from Marburg features a range of wallpapers decorated with botanical motifs, elegant stripes and plain undertones. Made in Germany, the colours are sometimes light and sometimes dark, often striking and always discreet, allowing you to capture your individual design desires on the walls of your home. (Kinland Decor Limited)


Vintage Deluxe 系列具有混凝 土、氧化金屬、剝落的石膏效果的圖案,全經過複雜的熱壓花技術製造而成,使牆布特別耐用。 如果您想家中的牆壁具有優雅的外觀和奢 華的復古魅力,這系列牆紙是完美的選擇! (Kinland Decor Limited) || With Vintage Deluxe, manufacturer Marburg presents wallpapers that are reminiscent of past times and splendid places. The collection features authentic designs of various patterns with structures of aging concrete, oxidised metal, peeling plaster and other marks of time. The fine structures and precise patterns are created through the use of complex hot embossing, which makes the wall covering particularly robust and high quality. If you want to give your walls an elegant used look infused with luxurious vintage charm, these wallpapers are the perfect choice. (Kinland Decor Limited)


Marburg 的 Smart Art Aspiration 系列中的每個設計都由兩至六個面板組成,並提供兩種高度(2.70 米和 3.40 米)。每塊實際寬度為 0.53 米的面板,可以並排,也可以個別裝飾在牆上。其浮雕飾面、鮮豔的色彩和高質印刷使這些牆紙看來 非常獨特。(Kinland Decor Limited) || Each design in the Smart Art Aspiration collection from Marburg consists of two to six panels and is available in two heights – 2.70 metres and 3.40 metres. With the practical width of 0.53 metres, each panel can be easily lined up next to each other to cover the entire space placed on the wall as a single panel, creating a feature. Impressive motifs, embossed surfaces, brilliant colours and a high printing quality make these wallpapers very special. (Kinland Decor Limited)


Marburg 的 Shades 系列牆紙的表面有柔軟的壓花,讓人聯想到精細編織的亞麻布。這 系列由美麗的花朵及波浪水彩畫所組成,使 牆壁設計成為永恆而樸素的標記。(Kinland Decor Limited) || Shades from Marburg focuses on heat-embossed wallpapers and moves the usually rather inconspicuous plain coverings into the spotlight. These wallpapers present themselves in modern shades and are reminiscent of finely woven linen thanks to the soft embossing of the surface. Completed with the addition of harmonious flowers, waves and rhombuses in watercolours, the collection incorporates a timeless sense of design in your home. (Kinland Decor Limited)


Dankie 系列包含十四幅不同主題的壁畫,讓您瞬間穿越到非洲大陸。設計概念建基於著名畫家、建築師和室內設計師 Lázaro Rosa Violan 的美學品味,反映不同的代表風格。這系列則表達一種近乎雕塑般的語言,捕捉著最夢幻的風景。 (Tat Ming Wallpaper) || The Dankie collection features 14 exclusive murals with different themes that will transport you to the African continent in a heartbeat. Disparate techniques, opposing essences and antagonistic universes create this collection of collections. They were based on the aesthetics, tastes and concerns of Lázaro Rosa Violan, the renowned painter, architect and interior designer, perfectly reflecting the different disciplines that characterise style. Articulating an almost sculptural language and capturing the most dreamlike of landscapes, this collection lives and breathes in your home. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


Costura 從傳統工藝中汲取靈感,以紡織品為原點。每一個設計都由針、線組成,然後轉化成令人印象深刻的拼湊圖案。在這個手工藝品的系列中,斜 線 和印花交替出現,令人目不暇給。(Tat Ming Wallpaper ) || Costura draws its inspiration from traditional craftsmanship with textiles as the starting point. As such, each and every design is formed with a needle and thread, then translated into motifs with striking stitching and impressive patchwork. Diagonal lines and surprising prints alternate in this unique collection based on handicrafts. Urban used silk fabrics are given a second life on your walls, where combinations of large textiles produce a playful and irregular patchwork. Urban is available in five colourways. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


出自 Botanis by Arte 品牌,Essentials 系列向龜背竹和棕櫚植物致敬,由於使用的刺繡 技術,每個設計都被賦予了一點點浮雕。粗 針腳和對比色在沉穩的亞麻布背景下顯得格 外醒目。Botanis 有五種顏色可供選擇。(Tat Ming Wallpaper) || Botanis by Arte, Essentials offers a respectful nod to the monstera and palm plants, where each tropical design is given a little light relief thanks to the embroidery technique used. The coarse stitching and contrasting colours stand out against a calm linen background. Botanis is available in five colourways. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


花卉圖案與有機形狀相結合是Arte馬尼拉系列的共同主題,由不同材料的線手工點綴在圖案中,創造出富浮雕效果的簡約設計。(Tat Ming Wallpaper) || Floral patterns in combination with organic shapes are a common theme throughout the Manila collection from Arte, in which threads comprising different materials and thicknesses are meticulously placed in patterns by hand, creating a minimalist design with corresponding relief. The transposition of this precision work on the wall results in a highly sophisticated look. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


Les Tricots 從高級時裝界汲取靈感,向豐富的面料和特定的紡織技術致敬,結合獨特的印花技術和天鵝絨般柔軟的紗線,營造出真正紡織的錯覺,特別有趣的是,印花棉布圖案因其俏皮的粉筆線條和跳脫的色調最 為 搶 眼。(Tat Ming Wallpaper) || Les Tricots takes its inspiration from the haute couture fashion world with a clear nod to rich fabrics and specific textile techniques, creating the illusion of real textile thanks to the combination of unique printing techniques and the use of velvety soft yarns. The majority of the designs are modest and there widely applicable, making them perfect to add structure or a splash of colour to any wall. Especially interesting, the chintz pattern stands out thanks to its playful chalk lines and explosive colour palette. (Tat Ming Wallpaper)


法國品牌 Elitis 2021 年最新 3D 牆紙系列,雪尼爾物料以建築拱門設計,充滿歐洲的古老建築風格同時 亦注入現代元素,帶點玩味型格。(Wallpaper +) || 3D wallcovering has now two new acolytes, linen and chenille. One is matt, the other warm and shiny. Together they have found a unique way to conquer super voluminous worlds and make lines expand in this extraordinary range of wallcoverings from Élitis. Made in France, the Galerie collection even participates in the acoustic comfort of your home. (Wallpaper +)


來自英國的 Black Edition 最新 Zafaro 系列,將引人注目的水彩繪畫成圓圈,營造出柔和的色彩 和紋理擴散的效 果。(Wallpaper +) || Dramatic artistry and intricate detail come together in Zafaro Wallcoverings, in which stunning designs on a breathtaking scale are printed onto tactile, luxurious surfaces for a captivatingly beautiful experience. With the Lune collection, serene yet striking watercolour circles create an alluring design with gentle movement, creating a gentle, pearlescent texture. (Wallpaper +)


室內運用了來自意大利的 Calacatta White 雲石,其石紋脈絡 比較清晰,灰色脈紋與透徹的白石面相互輝映,雲石經過精密 的切割打磨,每一件的紋理都具有獨特的藝術性,是一款溫暖 但又帶有歐洲奢華風格的石材。(Slender (HK) Ltd.) || Capturing the supreme craftsmanship of Slender, this specialist European sintered stone is almost indistinguishable from white Calacatta marble, creating an elegant and luxurious feel in any home while also ensuring outstanding technical performance. (Slender (HK) Ltd.)


來自 Caselio 品牌的 Only Blue 系列 牆紙採用藍色為主的繪畫植物圖案, 非常適合大自然的愛好者。(Tak Lee Wallpaper) || Also by Caselio, the beautiful Wild And Secret Wallpaper panel features an intricate painterly botanical design in tonal blues. Perfect for adding a two-tone sophisticated statement to any interior space. (Tak Lee Wallpaper)


這幅牆紙與瑞典的 Röhsska 博物 館合作開發,Eastern Simplicity 系列牆紙都是令人驚艷的圖案, 為您的家居帶來獨特而美麗的背 景。 牆 紙 採 用 FSC 認 證 的 可 持 續材料製成,不含 PVC,安全環 保。(Tak Lee Wallpaper) || The harmonious handmade patterns of traditional Asian artwork are married with modern Scandinavian wallpaper craftmanship with the Eastern Simplicity range. Across 38 wallpapers, 11 gorgeous patterns and 3 digital print murals, Eastern Simplicity adds a timeless style and comforting ambience to every room in your home. (Tak Lee Wallpaper)


Casadeco品牌的Beauty Full Image2Wallpanels系列牆紙提供了壯麗的景色,讓您的牆壁充滿秋葉的光芒。系列採用繁盛的花卉和幾何面板,捕捉了異國情調的山脈、樹木和有如粉彩花卉的風景,為空間帶來現代奢華的感覺。(Tak Lee Wallpaper) || The Beauty Full Image 2 Wallpanels collection by Casadeco offers vast, spectacular panels that will fill your walls with the warm glow of Autumn leaves. Featuring a wide range of floral and geometric panels capturing landscapes of mountains, tall exotic trees, and gouache painted florals, this collection introduces a modern and sumptuous feel to any room. (Tak Lee Wallpaper)